Shipper Platform FAQ

Does Uber Freight service LTL (less than truckload) or partial shipments on the platform?

Yes. You can book LTL shipments on the Shipper Platform.

  1. Go to the Create Shipment tab.
  2. At the top right of the page, click on Create LTL shipment.

If you don’t see the Create LTL shipment option in the Create Shipment tab, reach out to If you opted into LTL, please note that activation can take up to 48 hours.

How do I book an LTL load on the platform?

  1. Go to the Create Shipment tab.
  2. At the top right of the page, select Create LTL shipment.

If you don’t see the Create LTL shipment option in the Create Shipment tab, email If you opted into LTL, please note that activation can take up to 48 hours.

Can I add multiple items to an LTL load?

Yes. At the Create LTL shipment page, you can add multiple items to a single shipment by selecting Create new item.

Do I need to select lift gate if I already selected residential delivery as an accessorial?

If a lift gate is required, select it in addition to residential delivery.

Can I book insurance with an LTL shipment?

LTL insurance is available. You can add LTL insurance to your shipment directly from the Shipper Platform. If you need additional help with adding insurance to an LTL shipment, email to

How do I generate a bill of lading (BOL)?

  1. Go to the dashboard.
  2. Select the specific shipment to open the load details page.
  3. Under Documents, click on Bill of Lading.

A BOL can only be generated in the US and after a driver has been assigned to the shipment by the carrier.

For all LTL shipments, you must use the Uber Freight BOL. Download the copy of the BOL that was provided upon carrier arrival to avoid unnecessary fees and delays. Ensure your shipping facility has a copy of the BOL prior to pickup.

Can I upload an address book to the Shipper Platform for LTL?

The Shipper Platform will automatically save addresses you’ve used over time when creating shipments.

What if I don’t know my LTL shipment class or NMFC?

Freight density plays a major factor in choosing the right freight class. By calculating your freight density, you can more accurately plan your shipment, saving you time and money.

For an accurate estimate of your shipment’s freight class, enter your shipment’s dimensions and weight into the Freight Density Calculator, adding more lines as necessary.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my LTL invoice or need to dispute a charge?

Email for assistance.

How do I cancel an FTL shipment?

  1. Log into the Shipper Platform.
  2. Select the shipment you’d like to cancel. This will open the load details page.
  3. Choose Edit.
  4. Click on Cancel shipment.

A shipment can be canceled through the Shipper Platform until a carrier has been assigned to it. The “cancel” option will only be available if all load information is completed and the load is in “Available” status. If you’re unable to cancel your load on the platform, please email or call 877-289-8237.

How do I cancel an LTL shipment?

Email or call 872-703-8100 for assistance.

How can I edit my existing LTL shipment?

Email for assistance.

Why didn’t my LTL shipment get picked up on my desired pickup date?

LTL pickup dates are not guaranteed. Uber Freight can help advise on carrier options and pickup locations to see if there could be a better solution. Please email or call 872-703-8100 for assistance.

How do I select a temperature-controlled trailer (reefer) for my LTL shipment?

Our LTL reefer service is provided by the carrier Frozen Food Express.

If I need to ship LTL shipments to Amazon locations, how can I pick a carrier qualified for those deliveries?

Not all carriers deliver to Amazon, please email for assistance.

Can I search for a past shipment using any of the reference numbers entered into the reference section?

You can search for past shipments using either Customer Reference Number or UF Number under Dashboard.

What should I put for freight class if I am shipping an LTL shipment with mixed pallets?

For mixed pallets, indicate the highest product-based class or the density-based (weight and dimensions per pallet). Use the Freight Density Calculator for assistance.

How can I file a claim related to an LTL shipment?

Please email for assistance with filing a claim on your behalf.

How soon can I contact Uber Freight for LTL tracking updates?

LTL carriers typically don’t show tracking info for 24 hours. Email at least one business day after the pickup date or check the Shipper Platform for updates. Once available, a PRO# (tracking) will reflect on your shipment. The shipment will also reflect as In-Transit.

What is considered overdimension for an LTL shipment?

A shipment is typically considered overdimension if 96”+ in length. Overdimension may vary with each carrier.

Do I need to add an accessorial to my LTL shipment?

Yes, all accessorials needed should be added during the shipment-building process. Any accessorials missed will be charged by the carrier post-delivery. An invoice correction will follow within 5-7 business days.

Do all LTL carriers service alcohol?

Some LTL carriers service alcohol shipments.

How do I know my LTL shipment was delivered?

Your shipment will reflect as delivered on the Shipper Platform. An invoice will populate for the shipment within 5-7 business days. Please note, standard delivery times are not guaranteed.

How can I download my LTL Proof of Delivery (POD)?

Navigate to your shipment dashboard. The proof of delivery will be located under Documents. The POD is typically available 5-7 business days after the shipment is delivered. If you are unable to locate your BOL, email

Does LTL service residential locations?

Yes, LTL services residential locations. Add the appropriate accessorials to your shipment (lift-gate, limited access, residential) to notify our teams and the carrier.

Does LTL service blind shipments?

No, LTL does not currently service blind shipments. Please email or call 877-289-8237 to set up an FTL blind shipment.

Does LTL service hazmat shipments?

Yes, LTL does service hazmat. Please make sure you enter your emergency contact name/number, UN#, proper shipping name, hazard class, and packing group when building your load.

How do I find an LTL invoice for my shipment?

An invoice is available within 5-7 business days. You can find your invoice under Billing or by going to your shipment dashboard. If an invoice is not available, email for assistance.

What are standard transit times for LTL shipments?

Transit times are the estimated duration of your shipment lifecycle. The date the shipment picks up is not considered to be an in-transit day. Pickup status is available after 24 hours after the PRO # is attached. The transit time indicated does not include pickup dates or weekends/holidays.

Do LTL carriers service weekends and holidays?

No, LTL carriers do not service weekends and holidays.

Does Uber Freight ship hazardous materials?

At this time, Uber Freight does not support the option to ship hazardous materials, chemicals, dangerous goods, household goods, commodities of extraordinary or unusual value, garbage, refuse, or trash.

How does Uber Freight source carriers through the Shipper Platform?

Once a shipper provides their load details on the Shipper Platform, we send the load information to the market, and our platform matches carriers based on needs and services.

Who should I contact for assistance in completing a new carrier/broker form?

Please contact Uber Freight Support by emailing or by calling 877-289-8237.

What does it mean when a load is “finalizing details” in the Shipper Platform?

“Finalizing details” could mean your load is missing information and the Shipper Platform user needs to add further inputs to make the load available. It could also mean the appointment times at the pickup and/or delivery locations have not been scheduled yet.

If you see this status for your load, contact us immediately by emailing or by calling 877-289-8237.

What is the lead time to avoid same-day load charges?

Any loads added to the Shipper Platform scheduled for pickup within 6 business hours are subject to a last-minute-load fee.

What can I do if the pickup appointment has passed and my load hasn’t been booked yet?

We do our best to get carriers booked on loads as soon as possible. Occasionally, unexpected issues may require the load to be rolled. In this case, our Support team will reach out to assist you with more options.

Note: A rolled load is a load that does not get covered by the scheduled appointment and therefore will need to be rescheduled.

How can I verify the driver’s location if I’m unable to do this on the platform?

Please call us at 877-289-8237 to confirm the driver’s whereabouts.

Does Uber Freight service Canada on the Shipper Platform?

No, Uber Freight does not service Canada on the Shipper Platform.

Does Uber Freight service Mexico on the Shipper Platform?

Currently, Uber Freight does not service Mexico. Visit the Uber Freight blog for any updates on expansion.

What equipment types does Uber Freight service?

Uber Freight services 53’ dry van loads, 53’ reefer loads, and 48’ to 53’ flatbed loads.

Can Uber Freight handle scale tickets?

Yes. Please ensure that all special requirements are detailed in the Notes section when building your load.

Can Uber Freight deliver to unstaffed warehouses?

Yes. Send all paperwork directly to your pickup and delivery facilities. Before you build your shipment, email to notify Uber Freight of the situation.

Note: Additional fees will be charged to the shipper to accommodate this request, as drivers will have to unload the shipments themselves.

Can I build a multi-stop shipment?

The Shipper Platform does not currently support multi-stop shipments. However, Uber Freight does support shipments with 1 pickup and 2 deliveries, or 2 pickups and 1 delivery. To get a quote, email the individual addresses, location information, equipment type, and dates for these shipments to

Where can I request team drivers for my shipment?

This feature is currently not offered on the Shipper Platform. If emergency coverage is needed, you can send a request to Pairing the shipment with team drivers cannot be guaranteed.