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    How do I delay an order?

    If your kitchen becomes too busy and you need to delay an order, you can do so in the restaurant app. When viewing an order, just tap on the HELP button on the top right of the order page.

    If a delivery partner has not yet been requested, select "DELAY ORDER" to add additional time. You can choose to add 5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes to the order's preparation time.

    Keep in mind a pickup request will automatically be sent to a delivery partner when there are 7 minutes left on the clock, and once the request has been sent, you won't be able to update your prep time anymore.

    NOTE: If your kitchen finishes preparing an order early, you can hit the "READY FOR PICKUP" button and that will send a delivery partner to you.

    The Restaurant Dashboard may also automatically pause incoming orders. This can happen for two reasons:
    - Multiple orders in a row that go unaccepted
    - Your acceptance time is longer than usual, resulting in customers canceling orders

    To check and see if you're currently paused or to learn more about managing your Restaurant Dashboard, see the articles below: