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Adding multiple locations to Restaurant Manager

You can create a master login or Single Sign On account that allows you to toggle between locations in Restaurant Manager without logging in and out of each individual location. Creating a Single Sign On account does not provide consolidated or additional reporting at this time. You can switch between locations by clicking on the restaurant name at the lower left hand corner of the screen in Restaurant Manager.


1. Log into Restaurant Manager with your current username and password for the restaurant. Do not login with your personal Uber account.
2. Navigate to the "Users" tab
3. Add the new user's email address *
4. Select the locations you want to view
5. Select "Owner" as your role and select "Save"
6. Repeat steps 1-5 for all locations you want to be able to access under a Single Sign On account

NOTE: The email address added must be an existing Uber account. If the owner's email is not tied to an Uber account, you must first create an Uber account using your desired email address at: get.uber.com. When creating a new account, you may be prompted to enter a credit card number. Don't worry it will be charged unless you take an Uber ride!