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App isn't ringing on tablet


1. Check your device volume is on and set as loud as possible
- You can do this by pressing the top of the long button on the device's side, or press the bottom portion of the button to lower volume
2. If the volume is all the way up and order notifications are still difficult to hear, go to settings and navigate to "SOUND AND NOTIFICATION"
3. Tap into the section to ensure "DO NOT DISTURB" is set to off by tapping into "DO NOT DISTURB"
4. Next, tap "AUTOMATIC RULES" to ensure all automatic rules are off
5. Go back to the general "SOUND AND NOTIFICATION" area
6. Adjust media volume, alarm volume, and notification volume all the way up
7. If issue still persists, try rebooting your device
. . .


1. Check the volume switch to make sure the orange "MUTE" bar isn't visible
2. Check the volume buttons and press "VOLUME UP" to make sure the sound is turned up all the way
3. Perform a hard reset: press and hold the "HOME" and "STANDBY" button (at top of the iPad). Keep them held for approximately 10-12 seconds until device restarts and you see the Apple logo
4. Tap on your Uber Eats app and begin using the app as normal