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Zašto se moja ukupna zarada razlikuje od mojeg trenutnog salda?

The Earnings section of your Driver app contains a summary of your total earnings for the current week and your pay statements reflect earnings based on the weekly pay cycle which begins on Mondays at 4:00am local time and ends the following Monday at 4:00am.

The weekly summary under the Earnings section contains the following:

TOTAL EARNINGS - the amount you earned through trips and promotions during the current week
PAYOUTS - the amount Uber has already paid you, or you have paid Uber during the current week
PREVIOUS BALANCE - the amount Uber previously paid you, or you owed Uber before the current week started
CURRENT BALANCE - the amount Uber currently owes you, or the amount you owe Uber

There are a few reasons that your Current Balance may not be the same as your Total Earnings, including:

-Payouts were already made during the current week
-Fees were incurred that are owed to Uber (i.e. cash collected, vehicle payments)
-Promotions you qualified for are still pending
-Trips are still processing or are being reviewed

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