How driver promotions work

Promotions generally require you go online and complete trips. To qualify for these rewards, you must meet certain criteria as described in the offer. Here are the common requirements for promotions:

Minimum number of completed trips

  • Trips must be completed from the pickup spot to the destination
  • Trips canceled by either you or the rider do not count

Online hours

  • Counted to the minute while you are online
  • Applies whether you are on trips, heading to pickups, or waiting for requests
  • If the promotion specifies certain days or times, only online hours within these periods count

Trips per hour (TPH)

  • TPH is calculated by dividing completed trips by online hours during the promotion
  • Example: 6 completed trips in 3 hours equals 2 TPH
  • Canceled trips are excluded

Acceptance rate

  • Determined by dividing accepted trips by the total trip requests sent to your device

Opt-in requirements

  • Some promotions may ask you to opt-in prior to the promotional period

Location-based trips

  • Trips starting in a designated area, determined by the rider’s request location, not your location when accepting the trip
  • Trips beginning outside the specific area don’t qualify

Remember, each promotion has specific criteria. Ensure you understand and fulfill these to take advantage of promotional offers!