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Delete my Uber account

Delete your Uber Eats account using the steps below.

Please note, if you have a Rider account with the same account details, it will also be deleted once your request is complete.

1. Open the link below and sign in:
2. Once signed in, follow the instructions.

Uber will ask you to verify your identity using a temporary verification code before you can delete your account. This may require you to have a phone number attached to your account. If you're not able to add a phone number in your account settings, contact us through the link below.
After completing these steps your account is immediately deactivated. After 30 days, your account is permanently deleted and any unused credits, promotions, or rewards are removed.

Uber may retain certain information after account deletion as required or permitted by law.

If you change your mind and want to keep your account, sign in at ubereats.com within 30 days to restore it.

If you're having trouble deleting your account, contact support through the link below:
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