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How to add users to Uber Eats Manager

You can add or remove as many users as you like within your Uber Eats Manager portal. Ay adding your staff members to the list of Uber Eats Manager users gives them access to log in to the portal, view your restaurant's performance and reviews, create and manage promotional campaigns, set up online ordering, make menu edits and account changes, agree to contractual terms and changes (in certain circumstances), and any other product changes accessible through Uber Eats Manager. By granting access to your staff members, you acknowledge they have authority to make these changes for your business.
Follow the instructions below to add more users to your Uber Eats Manager tool:

1. Log in to Uber Eats Manager using the link below
2. Select "Users" from the left-hand menu
3. Click the green "+ Add user" button
4. Enter the user's email address and then click "Add"
- If the user's email address is already associated with an Uber account, they will get access immediately
- If the user's email address is not associated with an Uber account, they will receive an email to create a password