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How to enable printing in your Uber Eats app

The Uber Eats Restaurant Dashboard supports the Star Micronics TSP143IIIBI and TSP654IIBI-24 receipt printers. If you have one of those models, you can print orders directly from the Restaurant Dashboard.

To begin printing Uber Eats order receipts with your printer, follow the steps listed in each section below:


First, pair your tablet with your receipt printer per your printer manufacturer's instructions.
NOTE: The pairing button is red and located at the back of the printer.


Once your tablet is paired with the printer, connect it to the Restaurant Dashboard app:

1. Open the Restaurant Dashboard and select the menu icon in the top left corner of your app
2. Tap "Settings"
3. Tap "Receipt printing"
4. Enable the connection by swiping the toggle to the right. It should say "Receipt printing enabled".
5. Confirm you've connected your printer by finding the "Connected Printer" dropdown:
- If your printer is paired with your device, the printer model is automatically selected and appears here.
- If you have multiple Bluetooth devices, you may have to select the printer model from the dropdown menu.
6. If you need further assistance please contact support at restaurants@uber.com.

NOTE: Depending on your tablet make/model, it may support additional Star Micronics printer models then the ones referenced above. Always check the printer manufacturer's details to confirm compatibility before purchasing.

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To contact support, visit the link below.