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How to load paper into the printer

1. Hold the printer so the side where the receipt comes out faces you.,
2. Push the lever to unlatch the cover and open the printer cover by pulling back on the cover.
3. If the printer has no paper roll inside, load a new roll and make sure the direction of the paper is correct according to the diagram on the printer.
4. Pull a flap of paper out to ensure that the paper has been loaded correctly.
5. Push on both sides of the cover to close it.

NOTE: We recommend the Star Micronics printers TSP654IIIBI-24 or TSP143IIIBI. The thermal paper used by these printers is 3 1/8" in width. We suggest ordering a longer roll to reduce how often you'll need to refill it.

If you are still experiencing issues with loading printer paper please contact support at restaurants@uber.com.