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How do I sign up to be Commute Driver?

If you're new to Commute, go to the rider app and first click on the menu tab in the top left hand corner and then click on the "Commute" tab. From there you'll enter your home and work location and choose that you drive to work. The instructions will direct you to download the driver App and at which point you'll be automatically logged in.

Once in the driver App, we'll need a little more information to complete the process. You'll need to upload a photo, provide your date of birth, enter your driver's license number and certify that everything entered is valid.

If you've taken a Commute ride before, click on the "Commute" tab and then click on the "Try giving rides" link at the bottom. After clicking on the link you'll be directed to download the driver app, this is the place where you'll be matched and accept trips from other commuters.
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