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My store wants to deliver alcohol, what should I do?

If you're interested in selling alcohol on Uber Eats, please visit our online webform below to see if you're eligible to sell these items.
We currently only allow alcohol on menus in select areas of the United States. Please review the link below for a list of currently operational cities. If you are eligible, a representative will reach out to assist you with the onboarding process.
It is the responsibility of the merchant to:
-Comply with all applicable liquor laws, regulations and policies, including as it relates to the sale and service of alcohol products
-Ensure their license is valid for alcohol sales through the Uber Eats App*
-Remove alcohol items from their menu if the license is revoked or expires

*Please have your alcohol license ready for submission. In order to ensure the successful submission of your license during onboarding please ensure it has the following characteristics:
-Must be a clear image with all edges of the license in the photo
-The business name associated with the license must match LLC of the business being added to Uber Eats
-Must be a valid license issued by your state/city government
-Must be not expired