Currency Preferences

Currency preferences provide users traveling between countries the option to be charged in their home currency.

Setup & Fees

Once you set your preferred currency, you’ll be presented with trip pricing in your preferred currency only. The exchange rate used for converting the trip fare will be visible on the Fare Breakdown screen when requesting a trip.

Trips which use currency preferences will be subject to a 1.5% service fee that will be shown in the final price estimate along with the applied currency conversion.

Eligibility & Limitations

Currency preferences can be used with all mobility products within the app, such as UberX, UberXL, UberBlack, and UberGreen.

Split-fare, Uber Cash, Gift Cards, Wallets, and Uber Eats/Delivery are not currently eligible for use with currency preferences.

Transactions & Tips

We can only switch the payment method used for a trip, not the currency. Charges on any new payment method will be processed in the preferred currency you selected.

The currency conversion fee will only apply to your trip fare at the time of your trip request, and it will not be applied to your tip. This will be reflected on your trip receipt, and the exchange rate will not change in the event of post-trip fare adjustments, refunds, arrears settlements, etc.

Cancellation fees, clearing of arrears, and changing destinations will all be charged in the same currency as charged on the corresponding trip.