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Free rides for medics in Poland / Ukraine

The 'Medics at work' initiative aims to help medics reach out to their patients in an affordable and easy way.
(1) If you are an employee in one of the institutions selected in consultation with the Ministry of Health, please contact your employer to receive a promo code.
(2) If you are an employee of other medical institutions and have not received a promo code, please send us a photo of one of the following documents:
- Employment record book with a record of your position in the medical institution
- Confirmation of employment with a record of your position in the medical institution
- Medical degree certificate

Please make sure that the name in the account and name in the document are the same. We will take care of the next steps (document review and free rides activation). A sign of successful free trips activation for your account will be the opportunity to request a trip with Uber Medics in your app.

You can find a list of medical institutions participating in the 'Medics at work' initiative and additional information about this initiative by visiting our website.
To send a document, you can use the form below. If you do not see the form for adding photos, please log in to your account.

If you don't have an Uber account, the best way to sign up is to download the rider app. If you need help with signing up or with adding promo code to account, please navigate to blog post on the official site to find step by step guide of how to do it:
Please attach below the requested document or share details if you have any issues with adding or using promo code:
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