Other charges and fees

You may incur additional fees in these situations:

Tolls and surcharges

These charges may apply when:

  • Tolls are expected on your route
  • Governmental fees are imposed on rideshare services in the area where you’re requesting your trip
  • You request trips to or from airports, seaports, stadiums, and other venues/events

If the tolls or surcharges on your route differ from our predicted route, the price of your ride may change.

Depending on the charge and location, these additional charges may either be:

  • Kept by your driver
  • Paid by your driver to Uber or related entities
  • Passed through (in whole or in part) to a governmental agency or other third parties

Tolls or surcharges included in your trip price may not match the amount retained by the parties mentioned above. Also, they may not correspond to any third-party or government charge; and may relate to charges or inconveniences occuring before or after your trip.

You can learn more about these fees on our Tolls and surcharges and Airport trips help pages.

Car Seat trips

Uber Car Seat rides in NYC and LA include a Nuna RAVA seat that can be used in rear-facing or forward-facing positions for children weighing between 5 and 65 pounds. A $10 surcharge is added to UberX pricing for Uber Car Seat trips.

You can learn more from our Uber Car Seat help page.

Excessive luggage and/or passengers

If you’re traveling with several other riders or pieces of luggage, you can request a larger vehicle option to help avoid unexpected charges or pickup issues.

In many cities, Uber offers larger vehicle options like UberXL and UberSUV. These vehicle options have the space to accommodate 6 or more riders.

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