Overzicht en instellingen van advertenties

You may see ads while you use your Uber app, such as after you’ve requested a trip or when you’re considering your next delivery. We want these ads to be useful, interesting and relevant to you, helping you discover merchants and brands that are well-suited to your interests. We also believe it’s important that you be in control of the types of ads you see and how we use your data.

To help you understand our ad practices, this page explains the different types of ads you may see when using Uber’s apps, and how you can control your ad experience via settings in our Privacy Center.

How do ads on Uber work?

Uber offers a range of ad experiences, from in-app ads while you’re on a trip to sponsored listings from a restaurant on your Uber Eats feed. To make these ads more relevant to you, we personalize them based on your current activity on Uber and/or data from previous trips and orders. Here are the different types of ads we offer and the data we use to personalize them.

Journey-based ads

You may see ads in the Uber app after you have requested a ride, or while on the way to your destination. Clicking on these ads may lead to offers on Uber Eats for restaurants available on the app, or to advertiser’s websites.

We want these ads to be relevant to you, and so may personalize them based on data such as:

  • Time of day (e.g., ads for breakfast foods or coffee during an early morning ride).
  • Your destination (e.g., travel ads when you are on the way to the airport).
  • Your interests based on your trip, order, or search history (e.g., discounts at your local supermarket).
  • Your gender, which we may infer based on your first name. You can change your gender if we got it wrong or remove your gender information entirely in the Uber app by going to Account > Settings > Privacy > Gender settings.
    • If you opt out of ads personalization but don’t remove your gender information, your inferred gender may still be used for safety features.

You can opt out of personalization of ads based on your trip, order, and search history, and your gender here. If you opt out, you will still see ads, but they’ll only be based on your approximate location, time of day, and current trip destination.

We do not allow ads based on your sensitive information, such as trips to or searches about medical facilities. Please visit our Global Advertising Targeting Policy for more information.

Sponsored placements, listings, and messages

You may see ads, or sponsored listings and search results, for merchants that are available on Uber Eats or Postmates. We may personalize those ads based on your order and search history. We also show sponsored listings and ads based on your approximate location and time of day so that you don’t see ads for merchants who are closed, or not available in your area.

You can opt out of ads based on your order and search history here. If you opt out, the sponsored listings and ads you see will only be based on your approximate location and the time of day.

Cartop ads

You may see ads displayed on a device mounted to the top of your driver’s car. These ads are not personalized based on your data. Instead, they may display ads based on the location of the vehicle. For example, displaying ads for local restaurants.

What user data does Uber share with advertisers?

Uber does not share user data with advertisers such as companies that pay Uber to display their ads. The information that Uber shares with such advertisers is limited to aggregated information or other non-personal data, such as the percentage of users who clicked on an ad, or the number of users who visit the retail locations of advertisers using our platform. Such advertisers use this information to measure the effectiveness of their ads.

Uber does share user data with service providers or advertising intermediaries that help us to display or measure the effectiveness of ads. For example, we may share data with advertising networks, which help Uber to discover advertisers who want their ads displayed in Uber’s apps.

For more information on Uber’s data sharing practices, please see Uber’s Privacy Notice.

Ads and Apple Tracking Transparency (ATT)

Uber uses Apple’s App Tracking Transparency framework to ask users for permission to track them across apps and websites owned by other companies. Uber also enables iOS and Android users to control through Uber’s Privacy Center whether their data is used and shared with advertising partners to deliver and measure the effectiveness of personalized ads about Uber on other apps and websites.