Taxi FAQ

When you book a ride, a taxi may pick you up. By including taxis, Uber rides are designed to give you faster pickups for the same price and also let you do the following:

  • See the price upfront
  • Pay and tip in the Uber app
  • Get a similar class of vehicle
  • Ride with licensed taxi drivers

What can I expect with a taxi vehicle?

You can expect a similar level of standards, quality and service as the product you chose. For example, if you choose Uber Green, you could be matched with an EV taxi, but not with an ICE taxi.

In some cities, the local taxi authority may permit salvage vehicles to operate as taxis.

Do taxi drivers undergo background checks?

All taxi drivers undergo background checks conducted by the local taxi authority. In some cities, they may not undergo the additional background checks that for-hire vehicle drivers on the Uber platform go through.

What safety features are available on a taxi ride?

You’ll get access to many of Uber’s in-app safety features. For example, we anonymize your phone number so you can contact taxi drivers while maintaining your privacy.

In some cities certain features (like Verify Your Ride and Ride Check) may be unavailable on taxi rides.

How much will my ride cost?

You’ll pay the same upfront price and any applicable taxes, fees, surcharges, and tolls. The price may be adjusted at the end of the trip if surcharges or tolls differ from the estimated upfront price.

Can I change my trip destination after booking a ride?

In some cities, you won’t be able to change the pickup or dropoff spot or add a stop during a taxi ride.

What data of mine is shared during taxi rides?

To ensure a smooth ride, Uber will share your first name and pickup and dropoff spots with the taxi driver and their e-hail application provider. Taxis may share data with the local taxi authority.

Other Taxi Information

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