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American Express® Corporate Card Benefit

American Express has partnered with Uber to offer a benefit that allows American Express Corporate Card Members to earn extra rewards points through Uber Rewards.


Select your American Express® Corporate Card as the payment method on your business profile to make sure you always earn extra rewards points through Uber Rewards:

1. When placing an order, toggle to your business profile in the checkout screen.
2. Select the profile to see "Payment options."
3. If the American Express® Corporate Card has been added to your account, look for a checkmark next to the card.
4. Once your order is complete, your extra rewards points will be listed on your emailed receipt under "Uber Rewards."

To become eligible for this benefit, you'll need to join Uber Rewards, place an Uber Eats order on your business profile in the app, and charge the order to your American Express® Corporate Card. Your organization may already have a partnership with Uber which allows for a managed business profile. If your organization has enabled Eats and you've already created a business profile for rides, then your Eats profile will link during the checkout process.

If you have a pending invite from your organization to join its Eats policy, follow the instructions below:

1. Toggle from "Personal" to "Business" on the payment selector at the bottom of the checkout screen
2. Tap "Join account"
3. Tap "Join now"

Reach out to your organization's administrator if there is a linking issue.

If your organization does not offer an Eats policy or does not partner with Uber at all, you can create an unmanaged business profile directly from the checkout screen in the Uber Eats app. Customers may also use an unmanaged business profile as a personal business account. To create an unmanaged business profile:

1. Toggle from "Personal" to "Business" on the payment selector at the bottom of the checkout screen
2. Tap "Turn on"
3. Select an existing payment method or tap "+ Payment method" to begin placing orders on your Eats for business account
4. Complete your business profile by adding a profile name, an email address for receipts, an expense provider, and a travel report.


When you meet the eligibility requirements listed above and place orders using your American Express® Corporate Card on your Uber business profile, you'll earn the following Uber benefits:

- 3x reward points per eligible dollar spent on Uber Eats

If you delete your business profile, you will no longer be eligible for the benefit. For more information on the benefit, please visit www.uber.com/amex-corp-rewards.

If you have specific questions about your American Express® Corporate Card or other American Express benefits, please call the number on the back of your American Express Card.

If you have additional questions about using Uber with this benefit, please contact us below.
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