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About the video

As we move to an exciting new milestone as a company, we want to recognize and appreciate drivers and delivery partners who helped us get to where we are today, by creating a customized video that appears in their driver app.

See below for questions about the video.

Where can I find the video in the driver app?
You can view your customized video within your profile on your driver app.

How long will the video appear in my app?
The video will appear in your app until July 15, 2019.

How can I share this video with riders?
If you opt in to make your video shareable to riders, they will be able to see it on your profile while on trip, until July 15, 2019. You must click on "Make visible to riders" below the video in your app profile for riders to view it.

Why does the data in my video not match my current trip count?
There may have been some technical limitations, especially if you have multiple accounts, that caused a discrepancy with the data that appears in the video. Unfortunately, videos can't be updated at this point.

Can I get my video in a different language?
The video was designed based on the language settings within your app, so we are unable to create a video with a different language.

Why didn't I receive a video?
The video is shared with active drivers and delivery partners who have completed 100 trips or deliveries, are in good standing with Uber, and completed at least 1 trip since January 1, 2018.

How do I remove the video from my profile?
If you would like to remove the video from your profile, please click the link below.
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