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Contacting a rider

After you receive and accept a trip request, you can use your app to contact the rider by text message or phone call. Riders are able to use their app to contact you as well.

Where available, the app keeps both the rider's number and your number anonymous. This lets everyone's contact info stay private. Since these anonymized numbers always change, they cannot be saved for speed dial.

To contact a rider, tap the menu icon at the top left to display the rider's name. Tap CONTACT and then choose from options for getting in touch.

In order to contact riders, your mobile device must have the same phone number associated with your Uber account.

It's good practice to limit contacting riders to times when you:
- have waited more than one minute at their pickup location
- are having trouble finding or arriving at the pickup location
- are unable to locate the rider

As soon as a trip ends, riders and drivers are no longer able to contact each other through the app. We recommend reminding riders to check that they have all their items as they exit your vehicle.

If you do happen to notice a rider's left item after they've exited your vehicle, please use the Help Center to coordinate a return by navigating to Trip and Fare Adjustments > I found an item. We will help connect you with the rider.
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