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How cash works

Some riders have the option to pay you directly for a trip in cash. For cash trips, you're responsible for collecting the fare at the end of the trip and providing exact change.

Your app will confirm that a trip fare must be paid in cash by displaying "Collect cash" when you arrive at your rider's destination and end the trip. Please note there is no indication of whether a trip will include cash fare before you accept the trip request.

When you pick up the rider, it's good practice to ask if he or she will be paying the trip fare in cash.

You'll keep all the cash you collect. We deduct the Uber service fee from your overall earnings. Any tolls you've been charged along the rider's route will be added to the cash fare total your app confirms at the end of the trip.

Any incentives will still be paid as normal electronically at the end of the week.

There are several situations in which the fare you collect won't exactly match your trip:
1. If a rider has a promotion or discount on a trip, the fare you collect with reflect the rider's discount. You'll receive the remainder of the fare with your next payment.
2. If a rider has an outstanding balance from a previous trip, they will be charged extra on their next trip. This means you may collect a higher fare than was appropriate for your trip. The extra amount will be deducted from your next payment so you are in the end only paid for the trip you took.

If you pay any tolls during a cash fare trip, these are billed to the rider and included in the total fare your app indicates.

If a trip is cancelled by a rider and a cancellation fee is applicable, the rider's Uber account is charged. As a driver-partner, you are paid cancellation fees in your weekly statement.

You're not obligated to accept cash on non-cash trips. It's good practice to politely explain that cash payment for a non-cash trip is prohibited by Uber..

When riders request a non-cash trip, the fare will automatically be deducted from their preferred payment method linked to their rider account.

Please let us know if you have any issue with a rider's cash fare payment. Select Trip and Fare Review from your app menu, select the trip, and tap HELP to get started.

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