Add or remove allergy requests

Allergy friendly merchants indicate that they’re willing to accept allergy requests from customers. If you add an allergy request, it will be shared with the merchant you’re ordering from.

To add an allergy request:

  1. Select an item.
  2. Find “Allergy Requests” and tap “Note food allergies for this dish”.
  3. Click “Select allergens” to add your allergens. You can also type a note.
  4. Tap “Apply to item” and add the item to your cart.
  5. Review your allergy requests in your cart. To update a request, select the item and then the request.

The merchant should notify you if they can’t accommodate your request. If they notify you, you’ll have 10 minutes to respond before your order is automatically canceled.

Note: Don’t include allergy requests in the “Special Instructions” field. Merchants may accommodate allergy requests added here, but aren’t responsible for doing so.

If you’ve added allergy requests before, you may see recently applied allergens that you can apply to an item or delete.

To remove preset allergy requests:

  1. Select an item.
  2. Next to “Allergy requests” and tap “Clear”.
  3. Tap “Confirm” to delete allergy request.