Authorization holds - FAQ

When you place an order, it creates an authorization hold. These apply only to those paying with a credit or debit card. Authorization holds are a way for us to confirm your funds can go through successfully. These are not payment charges.

Authorization holds are temporary and the pending line transaction on your bank statement will disappear after a few days.

Note: If you canceled an order and still see this authorization hold, the refund may take 3-10 days to process.

For more info on authorization holds, see our frequently-asked questions:

Why was I charged twice for an order?

Sometimes, an authorization hold doesn’t get processed at the same speed as the actual charge, making it appear as though you were charged twice. This does not mean you were charged twice. This is because when you first placed the order, we put a temporary charge, which acts as a hold, with your payment method.

If your order was canceled, the temporary authorization hold should reverse within a few business days.

When will the authorization hold be removed?

It usually takes 3-10 business days after the charge goes through. It may sometimes take longer than that depending on your bank’s processing times or policy.

Where can I get more information on authorization holds?

If you’d like more information on the authorization hold you’re seeing on your statement, contact your bank.

They’ll be able to confirm that the money hasn’t left your account. They’ll also be able to give you more information about their authorization hold process and a clearer time frame of when the line item will disappear from your statement.