I'm having issues redeeming a gift card code

Gift code not valid error

If you received the message “Gift code not valid” and your gift code is 10 or 11 letters, you should have been sent a new code that is made up of letters and numbers and looks something like this: “HJ7HKD734JK.”

If you did not receive a new code, then please provide a screenshot of any error messages you received, and in the additional details box below please share the gift card code you attempted to redeem along with any other information that may help us in finding a solution.

Gift Code Already Redeemed

When you receive the message “Gift code already redeemed,” this means a gift card has already been redeemed. As a first step, we recommend checking with friends or family members who may have had access to the card.

For assistance with your gift card, please provide a screenshot of any error messages, along with additional details about the issue.