Redeeming Uber Cash

Uber Cash appears in your app as the combined balance of any gift cards, credits given by Uber Support, promotional credits, Amex Premium Benefits, or Uber Cash purchases.

While it can be applied to most rides and Uber Eats orders, it’s not available for trips taken on Family Profiles or requested from the web.

If you meant to use Uber Cash on a previous trip or Uber Eats order, it’s possible to switch your payment, though you’ll need enough Uber Cash on your account to cover the full price of the transaction.

When requesting a ride your balance will automatically be applied, unless you are using a business profile.

To manually enable Uber Cash on a business profile, or turn it off and save it for later on your rides profile, you’ll need to review your payment options. To do this:

  1. Enter your destination.
  2. Before confirming your ride request, tap your current payment method.
  3. If you have a profile set up, select your payment method again to adjust the Uber Cash toggle on or off.
  4. Return to the previous screen and request your ride.

When you don’t have enough Uber Cash to cover a trip, the remaining cost will be charged to the primary payment method on your account.

To use Uber Cash, you need to have an active payment method selected and added to your account.

If you still have questions about using Uber Cash or need assistance, please connect with us below.