What fees may apply to my order?

When you place an order, the fees you may pay cover delivery and platform costs so your order can arrive quickly and reliably.

Orders may include the following fees:

  • Delivery Fee: Delivery Fees help cover delivery costs. They vary for each merchant based on factors like demand, your location and the availability of nearby delivery people. You’ll always know the Delivery Fee before selecting a merchant. Uber collects this fee; it is not a gratuity. Couriers also receive payment per local laws.

  • Local Operating Fee: This fee helps offset the increased costs of regulations imposed on third-party food delivery platforms. Uber collects this fee; it is not a gratuity. Couriers also receive payment per local laws.

  • Service Fee and Other Fees: These fees vary based on factors like basket size and help cover costs related to your order. You pay $0.10 of these fees directly to Uber for marketplace services (such as facilitating access to couriers and merchants), and the remaining amount is remitted to your Courier. Your Courier may pay a portion of these fees to Uber for various services, including lead generation, payment processing, issue support, and other ancillary services. Fees do not constitute gratuities.

  • Small Order Fee: A Small Order Fee may apply when an order’s subtotal is less than a certain amount. The Small Order Fee varies by city, but you can remove this fee by adding more items to your cart.

  • Delivery Adjustment Fee: A Delivery Adjustment Fee refers to an update you made after placing your order- like changing your address. It helps to pay your delivery person for extra time and effort.

  • Marketplace Fee: The Marketplace Fee applies ONLY to orders that stores deliver on their own, and it helps us operate the platform. Depending on a customer’s location, this fee is charged either as a percent of an order’s subtotal, and is calculated on the total before any promotions or discounts are applied, or a flat fee. A minimum and/or maximum amount may also apply to the marketplace fee as displayed on the fees information screen.

  • CA Driver Benefits: CA Driver Benefits fee was introduced in California to help fund the new benefits offered to drivers thanks to the passing of Prop 22. These benefits include a healthcare stipend, additional insurance coverage, and a minimum earnings guarantee, among others.

  • New York Courier Fee: Due to new requirements put in place by the City of New York, workers are guaranteed a minimum hourly pay rate while they are delivering orders to customers. Customers will now see an additional fee on all delivery orders to help cover this pay rate. Tipping remains optional.