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Eu deveria ter recebido uma taxa de cancelamento por essa viagem

When a trip request is canceled or the rider doesn't arrive at the pickup location, you may receive a cancellation fee from the rider.


When a rider cancels more than 2 minutes after you've accepted their trip, you'll receive either the standard cancellation fee or the actual time and distance you spent driving towards the pickup - whichever amount is more.

You'll be eligible for a cancellation fee when:

1. You're making progress toward a rider's pickup and both the below points are also true:
- The rider cancels a trip request after the grace period (time within which a rider can cancel a trip and not be charged a cancellation fee- this is usually 2 minutes from requesting a trip)
- You are running on time (or your ETA doesn't exceed the ETA on your app by 5 minutes. Cancellation fees will not apply if you're running more than 5 minutes behind ETA)

2. For an UberX ride a rider doesn't arrive at the pickup location within 5 minutes of your arrival.

3. For an Uber Black and SUV ride, a rider doesn't arrive at the pickup location within 15 minutes of your arrival.

On an UberPool trip, you'll be eligible for a cancellation fee when:
- The rider cancels more than 60 seconds after you are making progress toward their pickup.
- The rider doesn't arrive at the pickup location within 2 minutes of your arrival.

If you're on an existing trip, a cancellation fee will automatically be charged to the rider when 2 minutes have passed and they cancel anytime after your existing trip ends.

NOTE: If your trip is missing from your trip history on your Uber app, please take a look at the below Help Page and if it's still missing you can contact us from there:

Fee amounts vary by trip type (UberX, UberPool, UberBlack, etc) and city. You can find details at under "Fares."

Time and distance-based cancellation fees will only accrue when you're heading to a pickup. These cancellation fees apply to most trip types except UberBlack and UberSUV.

Uber reserves the right to withhold, deduct, or reduce the amount of any cancellation fee payments that we determine or believe were in error, fraudulent, or in violation of Driver terms.

When you arrive at the rider's pickup location you'll see a countdown timer at the bottom of your app. If the timer hits zero and your rider is still not at the pickup location, you are eligible for a cancellation fee.

Cancellation fees will appear on your earnings statement. Fee amounts vary by vehicle class and city.

* Time and distance pricing does not apply to Uber Reserve, which is paid as an upfront fare.

Please note that the Uber Fee applies to the cancellation fee.

If you think that a cancellation fee should have been charged but was not, please let us know the details below.

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