O que é repasse antecipado?

Flex Pay provides the flexibility to be paid the money you've made anytime you'd like. Instead of being paid weekly, you can transfer payment to your bank account at any point.

1. Select the Earnings tab from your app menu.
2. Tap Flex Pay. Your app will display the total amount currently available for transfer.
3. Tap Transfer Now.
4. Tap Confirm. You'll receive confirmation when your request is successful.

Flex Pay transfers should be completed within next business day. When the transfer is complete, a payment statement is created.

While you can request a Flex Pay transfer anytime, your bank may not process payments on weekends or holidays. While you'll still be able to request your payment during these periods, there may be a delay in fund availability in your bank account.

If you haven't requested a Flex Pay transfer by midnight on Monday each week, remaining trip fares from the past week will be deposited in your bank account by the end of the current week, as usual.

Your available cash for a Flex Pay transfer is the amount you've currently made from trip fares and surge pricing where applicable. Payments may only be requested once a day and weekly cash out cannot exceed 800€.

Partners who are eligible for Flex Pay will see the option under the Earnings tab in their app. You are eligible for Flex Pay if:
- Your account has been active for two weeks (14 days)
- You have completed 25 trips
- Your account must be in status active, in time of cashout request
- No suspicious fraudulent activity on your account