Getting Started With Webshop

How do I set up Webshop?

Getting started with Webshop is easy. Login to Uber Eats Manager, and click the Webshop tab in the side navigation - if you haven’t yet, review pricing, agree to the Terms and click on Create your page to generate your webshop. You will then have two alternative ways in which you can install Webshop:

By embedding a link, which you will find clicking on the Actions button > Copy Link.

Or alternatively, by embedding in your website our Order online button, which you will get clicking on the Actions button > Create button. To watch step-by-step recordings of how to embed Webshop on the most common website provider platforms like Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress and others click the link below.

Can I access Webshop without being present on the Uber Eats marketplace?

Yes, we can work to set-up Webshop for you without having your Restaurant listed as well on the Uber Eats website and app. If you are interested in this option, please reach out to and one of our Technical Account Managers will advise you on what kind of information we need from you, in order to set-up your Online Ordering account.

How do I receive orders from Webshop?

Orders from Webshop will flow through in the same way that you receive your orders from Uber Eats today. This includes both POS and non-POS integrated locations.
If your POS is integrated with Uber Eats, orders will come through via POS. If your POS is not integrated, orders will display wherever you currently receive orders (in tablet, in Uber Eats Orders online, or Uber Eats Orders mobile).

How will the orders be fulfilled?

Pickup and delivery —whether using your own staff or connecting with delivery people using the Uber Eats app— both are available for Webshop.

Can I limit Webshop to a subset of my restaurant locations?

You can limit Webshop to a subset of restaurant locations by limiting locations from circulation. We’ll generate a unique link for all your locations during the signup process - you can decide which ones to add (or remove) to your website, social media profiles, or marketing emails. If you don’t see the unique link or would like to request a review of the locations set-up, reach out to your Account Manager or at

Further Terms & Conditions

For US

For Canada

How can I customize Webshop page?

You can now customize your Webshop experience for single store or multiple locations including a custom url, images (e.g., logo, banner) and color schemes to best display your brand to your customers. Click here to learn more about customizing Webshop page.

More information can be found at the link below.