Google Ordering FAQ

What is Uber Eats + Google Ordering and how does it work?

Uber Eats + Google Ordering is our delivery and pickup app built into Google Search and Maps, making it easier than ever for customers to place orders because they never have to leave their current screen. Instead of bouncing from one place to another, we’ve integrated Search, Maps, and Assistant, making it a seamless experience and enabling customers to make purchases via Google Pay on their phones or desktops.

How can I opt-out of Google Ordering?

If you’d like to opt-out of Google Ordering, please reach out to our support team at and we’ll update your account within 48 hours.

Is there a fee to have Uber Eats create and maintain my storefront on Google Ordering?

No. There’s no additional charge at all. We partnered with the world’s most popular search and maps platform to build integrations that help improve Google Ordering and accurately fulfill orders.

How does payment work with Uber Eats + Google Ordering?

Customers can pay using their Google Pay account, so you don’t lose them at the “enter credit card” step — typically a huge e-commerce drop-off in conversion. Also, just like with all of your Uber Eats orders, you don’t pay credit card transaction fees.

What are the benefits of using Uber Eats + Google Ordering for pickup?

Compared to just forwarding Google guests onto your website, Uber Eats + Google Ordering keeps them in one screen, reducing the steps a customer has to take to make their purchase. Reduced steps lead to higher conversions. We’ve integrated menu data with Google to prevent all that could go wrong if guests were forwarded to another website, forced to create accounts, and type in credit card information. With Uber Eats + Google Ordering, your customers stay in one flow through placing and tracking their orders.

Other 3rd party integrators claim I save money using their connections to Google Ordering. Is that true?

No. 3rd party integrators don’t deliver, so for delivery orders, you’ll need to pay and manage your own drivers, even when they sit idle during slow periods. On top of this cost, pure integrators may charge for this integration and typically charge a “per order fee,” even for small orders. With Uber Eats, there’s no charge for the Google integration and you only pay for the orders placed through our platform and the fee includes the courier payout. Also, we cover your credit card transaction fees.

Does the Google Ordering button with Uber Eats pull internet traffic away from my own website?

Not exactly. The Google Order button just makes ordering easy! With accurate menus, cart, and Google Pay (no credit card entry) all on the same screen as Search, Map, and even Assistant, Google Ordering can actually create new incremental jobs that would be lost without it. Without the Google Order button, guests could go to a competitor.