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Can I set different menu prices for my Webshop?

You can set different prices for your Webshop through Menu Maker, the same tool that you use in Uber Eats Manager to manage and update your in-app menu. Log into Uber Eats Manager and navigate Menu Maker; select to the Items tab and choose one item, whose price you want to customize for your Webshop menu. Below its standard price you will read “Available for the same price by In-store, Delivery, Pickup” and close to that a Change button: click on it and choose a different price for your Webshop menu!

Where can I access customer data?

Customer data is available for customers who opt in at checkout. You can access them through the Reports section in Uber Eats Manager, by choosing the Webshop customers report type.

What type of customer data will I have access to?

You’ll be able to access the name, surname, email, first and last order date and time, their lifetime spend on your store, and cumulative number of orders for customers that opt-in during checkout.

How will I know which orders are online orders?

Orders will appear in Uber Eats Orders the same as regular orders. On Uber Eats Manager you will find them marked with the Webshop label in the Orders section. On top of that, the Payment details report in the Reports section of Uber Eats Manager will show the channel that each order came from.

How will online orders appear on my billing statement?

Online orders will appear the same as regular Uber Eats orders on your billing statement.

Will promotions work with my Webshop?

Yes, any promotions you create in the Marketing tab of Uber Eats Manager will apply to your Webshop menu.

Can I pause orders on my website?

Your website will be synced to Uber Eats Manager and your tablet. If orders are paused there, they will be paused on your website as well.

If you choose to deactivate your Webshop page, you can remove the URL embed from your website.

Can I use Webshop with multiple merchant locations?

You will be able to generate one link or button for all of the locations that you manage. This link will be dynamic and it will route your customer to the best location that can deliver to them.

If you don’t see the unique link in Uber Eats Manager or would like to request a review of the locations set-up, reach out to your Account Manager.

Can I set my own delivery radius?

Your radius will be set by Uber Eats if you connect to delivery people through the Uber Eats platform or it will be synced with your Uber Eats Manager if you use your own delivery staff.