What is Webshop?

Do you have a website or are you present on Social Media? With Uber’s Webshop solution, you’re now able to power delivery from those platforms and increase your online sales.

Expand your reach

Make it easy for website visitors to place orders for delivery and pickup directly through your existing online accounts. Additionally, receive all your customer’s information (upon their consent) to personalize promotions and build a loyal customer base.

Lower your costs

For all pickup and delivery orders placed on your website, app, or social media page using Uber Eats’ Webshop technology, in the US, you pay a 2.5% + $0.29 order processing fee. For Canada, you pay 2.9% for order processing. That’s it. Enjoy Uber Eats’ menu management, web-store maintenance, and delivery fulfillment (optional), all commission-free.

Own the experience

Promote your brand online by customizing your customer’s Webshop experience. Add your logo and define the color scheme in a few, easy clicks.

Add order delivery and/or pick-up options to your website & social media page. We will provide you with a customizable webshop from which your customers will be able to order their favorite food and get it delivered, never leaving your website!

More information can be found at the link below.