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Eats Earning Points: Benefit Details

As a member of Uber Rewards, you can earn points by taking eligible rides or making Eats orders through your Uber apps. These points can be earned even if the trip is taken on an Uber for Business account, or with a Business or Family profile. Points are only available to be earned and redeemed in the United States.

1 point per dollar is earned on Pool / Express Pool trips and Eats orders.
2 points per dollar are earned on UberX, XL, WAV/Assist, Uber Green and Select trips.
3 points per dollar are earned on Black and Black SUV trips.

Points are not earned on:

* Tips to drivers and delivery people
* Cancellation fees
* Portions of trips covered by a promotional value
* Portions of trips covered by another user through split fare
* External trip fees such as damage or cleaning fees
* Upfront purchases of Uber Cash, credits, or Ride Passes
* Taxi, bike, and scooter rides

Other types of trips may also be ineligible.