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Price Protection on a Route: Benefit Details

When you unlock the Platinum level, you'll be prompted to set your two favorite locations. Once you've set these, rides taken between those two points may vary in price but will not exceed the protected price on that route, except during extremely busy times.

During those busy times, you'll still get a discount off of the real-time (non-protected) price, but the discount will be capped at 20% off the (non-protected) price. Your chosen route can be changed once every 30 days by contacting support.

- This benefit may not be available in all cities, or for all possible routes. Only UberX trips receive price protection. Price protection does not apply on scheduled rides. See full Program Terms and Conditions.

- The Uber Rewards price protection benefit is different than price protection on Ride Pass. Ride Pass is a monthly subscription that provides price protection for consistently lower prices on all routes for UberX and Pool trips.

- Once your route is set, you should be able to see it listed under 'Price Protection' in the Uber Rewards menu of the app. If you don't see your route, uninstall and reinstall your app to ensure it's up to date.