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How do JUMP scooters work?

Start your ride
1. Download the Uber app and create an account
2. Open the app and tap the bike/scooter icon
3. Tap on a scooter on the map to reserve it
4. Once you unlock your scooter, push off the ground 3 times to get going

Note: You can reserve JUMP scooters in advance or walk to one and scan the QR code on the handlebar to unlock it.

Finish your ride
1. Park in the parking zone shown in the app
2. Push the kickstand down
3. Tap "End Ride" in the app

Note: Park your scooter near a bike rack and make sure not to block crosswalks, driveways, ramps, or any other areas that might need to be used by pedestrians or people with accessibility needs.

Rider tips:

- Always follow the rules of the road
- Wear a helmet
- If you have an issue with your scooter or its functionality, let us know right away
- Do not ride down steep hills. High speed can overpower the electric brake causing loss of control. Use the rear foot brake to control speed. Always walk the scooter down steep hills