Como posso ver os meus dados de desempenho no Gestor Uber Eats?

Within Uber Eats Manager, there are multiple sections dedicated to providing performance data and insights to help you understand and improve your business on the Uber Eats platform.

You can view this data by logging into Uber Eats Manager. See below for more details on the types of performance data you can view, or if you’d like to learn more about customer feedback in Uber Eats Manager, click here.


The Home tab shows you your overall performance in one screen. You can adjust the date range to either be yesterday, the past week, past 12 weeks, or past 12 months. If you have multiple locations, you can also select which specific location(s) you want to view data for.

Within the Home tab you can see:

  • Sales, order volume, and ticket size data; with time-based comparisons
  • Operations including online rate over time, order Issues over time (inaccurate, missed, and cancelled orders), heatmaps of order issues or online rate by hour, and leaderboards for order issues, online rate, or efficiency by store
  • Best Overall status (if applicable)
  • Top selling items; by order volume
  • Menu item feedback; average rating as well as highest and lowest ratings
  • Total Customers; with returning and new breakdown

Stores page

The Stores tab shows you a live view of the availability of all your locations and updates in real time every 30 seconds - no refreshing needed! The latest time will be reflected in the “Last updated” notice in the top right corner of the page.

The Stores tab is broken down into Online, Offline, and Closed sections with additional details including rating and Best Overall status, availability details, daily sales and order volume by store (since 12:00 AM local time onward that day). For Offline locations, you will see one of the following availability details:

  • Cannot be reached: this means the tablet is not connected to wifi or there is some other connectivity issue
  • Paused by Uber Eats: this means the location was paused due to some degradation in service (either multiple missed or canceled orders)
  • Paused by Store: this means the locations paused orders on their Orders dashboard in the tablet

You can search for a specific location in the search bar in the top right which will return results based on matches found in the store name, address, or external store ID.

You can also sort stores with 6 different options available in the drop down on the top left hand side of the Stores page.

Analytics page

The Analytics tab shows free, basic deep dives on Sales and Customer Insights. You also have a date selector and a store selector that can filter by brands, cities, or stores for multi-location stores when viewing either of these pages. You can also download data from each section.

The Sales section consists of a Sales over time chart, a leaderboard of sales by store or item, and heatmap of sales, orders, or ticket size by hour. This shows you a breakdown of which stores or items are selling the best at specific times. The timestamp on which order sales are aggregated is based on when the order was completed. The charts can display information either by store or by item using the Item/Restaurant toggle. The heatmap can show you the frequency of sales, orders, or ticket size for specific hours of the day.

The Customer section shows you your conversion funnel, a breakdown of new customers, and customer retention. The conversion funnel shows how many customers viewed your store, added items to an order, and placed an order. The new customers chart shows how many new customers ordered from your store in the time period selected and compares this to a previous equivalent time period. The customer retention graph shows you how many customers placed their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th order in the time period selected.

Insights page

The Insights tab is your one-stop-shop for customer information. There’s no need to interpret graphs or read data–it’s organized so you can focus on making the decisions that matter.

Based on data gathered from your business and similar stores in your area*, we’ll suggest actions you can take to help attract and retain more customers. These may include things like running promotions or launching a loyalty program.

If you have multiple locations, you will see a summary per location and clicking “View” will provide you a more detailed view of your insights. We also include other helpful tips for growing your business.

*The factors we consider when comparing you to other stores are your operating city, average ticket size, and your cuisine type.

Reports page

The Reports tab gives you access to download raw financial and operational data:

You can select a custom date range up to 31 days as well as the location(s) you’re interested in data for. The reports included are: * Payment Details: this contains financial data - it shows a consolidated view of all payments including sales, taxes, service fees, etc. * Order Errors (Menu Item): operational; this is a SKU report providing item level error information and customer feedback. * Order Errors (Transaction): operational; this is a transactional report providing transparency on refunds and adjustments. * Order History: operational; this is an overview of all transactions, including canceled / missed / scheduled orders and prep / delivery times. * Downtime: operational; this report provides an hourly view of total minutes a store could have been online vs was offline. * Customer and Delivery Feedback: operational; this includes eater and courier ratings (5-star, thumbs up/down), tags, and comments * Menu Item Feedback: operational; this includes sku level ratings, tags, and customer comments.

Click here to learn more about viewing weekly pay statements.

How to request reports

  1. Log into your Uber Eats Manager portal and select Reports from the left hand menu.

  2. Click on the Request Reports button in the top right corner of the Request History page and then choose:

    • Reports: choose the report type(s) you’re interested in
    • Time Range: choose up to a full month (31 days) of data at a time; please note operational data has a two day lag time but financial data is available within minutes of the current time at request
    • Stores: choose the location(s) you want to include
  3. After requesting a report, you can see the report’s status on the Request History page in Reports Hub

    • Depending on the complexity of your report, date, and location options chosen your report may be ready to download in as little as a few seconds or up to a few hours after request.

You will also receive a notification email (at the address you were logged in to Uber Eats Manager with at the time of request) indicating your report either had an error and needs to be re-requested or specifying it is available and ready for download.

For security reasons, your reports will not be included in the notification email. Please download directly from the Reports tab in your Uber Eats Manager portal

The Payment Details report (previously available on the Payments tab in Uber Eats Manager) used to be emailed to you, however, to increase security we have updated our systems so all reports can be accessed and must be downloaded directly within the Reports tab of Uber Eats Manager.

How to download reports

The Reports tab will bring you to your Request History which shows all of your previously requested reports and their status. Clicking download in the Actions column will initiate the download of the CSV file. The Statuses and Actions you may see include:

  • After requesting a report, the status will become Preparing and you will have to Wait to Download.
  • Once the report is prepared, you will either see a status Available with the option to Download your report, or Error meaning there was an issue and you need to Request Again.
  • All reports expire 48 hours after preparation, so if the report status is Expired you will need to Request Again.