Ordering with Google

Uber Eats and Postmates customers can now order through place action links available on merchants’ Google Business Profile.

Place action links appear when customers search for a merchant on Google. After finding the merchant, customers are prompted to order pickup or delivery.

Place action links are free and benefit merchants in the following ways:

  • Promotes pickup and delivery services to interested users
  • Drives traffic to Uber Eats or Postmates
  • Highlights helpful information such as service fees and ETAs
  • Assists users in the purchase journey
  • Guides users to take action by directing them to a relevant pickup/delivery ordering experience tailored to the business location
  • Appears on Google’s premium products: Google Search and Google Maps

Merchants can opt out by contacting our support team. Requests will be processed within 5 days.

To opt out, email restaurants@uber.com with this information:

  • Name
  • Contact info
  • Store name(s)
  • Store address(es)

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