Square FAQ

What is Uber Direct on Square?

Uber Direct allows sellers using Square to offer their customers on-demand delivery. Whether you sell groceries, apparel, food, alcohol, home goods, or anything else, you can get it to your customers quickly and easily, 24/7.

Who can use Uber Direct on Square?

Any US merchant currently on the Square platform is eligible to use Uber Direct on Square.

How do I create a delivery on Square?

Simple! Create a delivery from a Square order by locating it on the Dashboard home screen or on the Square order history page. Tap the “+” icon to begin creating an Uber delivery using information provided by Square. Item details and optional customer info (recommended) will be automatically populated for a faster, more efficient delivery creation process.

If the delivery has no Square order associated with it, tap “Create a Delivery” in your Dashboard. Enter the customer’s basic information such as name and address, and choose whether to schedule the delivery ASAP or in the future.

How will I know when a delivery has been completed?

You can track all of your ongoing deliveries in your app, which will show you each order’s location and ETA.

What if I have an issue with a delivery?

For any escalations, the merchant can reach out to Support by calling 1 866-987-3750 or emailing uberdirect@uber.com