Using Uber Ads Manager

What is Uber Ads Manager?

Uber Ads Manager offers the simplest way to create, manage, and optimize ad campaigns on Uber Eats.

With Uber Ads Manager, you can:

  1. Use advanced targeting options: Target search terms you want to appear in your ad. Reach your intended audience through additional targeting options such as existing customer targeting, order value targeting, and more.
  2. Run ads on your schedule: Enjoy flexibility in scheduling ads based on your business needs. Customize your campaigns to run on specific days of the week or times of the day.
  3. Leverage enhanced reporting and insights: Gain deeper insights into campaign performance with additional metrics like cost per order and cost per click. Leverage detailed reports such as Customer Lifetime Value and Share of Voice to understand campaign effectiveness.

How can I get started on Uber Ads Manager?

To request Uber Ads manager access, contact your Uber representative who will support you in creating an ad account. Once your ad account is set up, log into An authorized representative from your business must accept the Terms and Conditions in order to create a campaign.

On the Home page, you’ll see three sections in the sidebar navigation menu:

  • Performance: Allows you to view the performance of your campaigns
  • Campaigns: Allows you to create new and view existing campaigns
  • Reports: Allows you to view and download advanced reports for your campaigns

How can I create an ad campaign on Uber Ads Manager?

To create an ad campaign, select Campaigns in the sidebar, and click Create a campaign. You’ll be asked to specify the following details of your campaign. You can also select from the recommended options available.

  • Audience types, including All, New, and Existing customers, as well as advanced targeting options
  • Locations to include in the campaign
  • Budget intervals, including Daily, Weekly, and Lifetime options
  • Campaign duration
  • Bid method

After selecting Submit, you can review your campaign details in the Campaigns section. Navigate to the Performance section for real-time performance tracking.

How can I edit my campaign(s)?

To edit a campaign, go to Campaigns and select Action next to the campaign you wish to edit. Select Edit to enter the campaign setup page. You can also select multiple campaigns at once by selecting Bulk edit.

How to pause/reactivate my campaign?

You can pause your campaign at any time by selecting the green Active button, then Pause from the dropdown list. You can reactivate a paused campaign with the same method.

How can I download reports on Uber Ads Manager?

Uber Ads Manager reports allow you to gain deeper insights and optimize campaigns. To download campaign reports:

  1. Navigate to Reports
  2. Select the report type you’d like to preview or download
  3. Choose a time range for the report
  4. Select a single campaign or all campaigns from the dropdown list
  5. Select Apply to preview or download the report

How will I be billed for ad spend on Uber Ads Manager?

There are two billing options available for your Uber Ads Manager ads:

  • Weekly billing, where ad spend is deducted at a location level from the weekly pay statement
  • Monthly billing, where an invoice is sent to your billing email address each month, containing the ad spend amount and payment instructions. You can work with your Uber representative to set up the preferred billing option for your business.

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