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What menu information do I need to provide for UberEats?

Requirements when submitting your menu to Uber Eats:

-A correct and up-to-date menu.
-Submitted menu items must be legible and cannot be handwritten. In addition to English, menus can be submitted and made available in French, Spanish or Mandarin for non-English speakers.
-You can include special instructions (items to be left off the menu, prices for add-ons, flavors, descriptions, etc.).
-Include menu Delivery hours.
-Item cannot be a prohibited menu item (see list below).
Does your menu complete the checklist below?
-Does this menu contain both items and prices?
-Are there any items that should be removed from your menu? If so, which ones?
-Are there any items that should be added to your menu? If so, what are the items and their prices?
-Do you have any other instructions we should be aware of when creating your menu?
-Do all items have the correct listing? (IE, does soda have flavors attached?)
-Are there any prohibited items on your menu?

Nice to have: We recommend adding descriptions to your menu items to help customers choose their orders.
If you have any questions, please call 1-833-ASK-EATS, press 1 for restaurants, press 2 for new restaurants (haven't taken orders), then ask to speak with a sales representative.