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Creating Kids Menus

The growth of kids menu sales on Uber Eats grew over 200% in 2018. With this ever growing demand for bite sized menus, here's how to build yours.

To create a Kids Menu:
- Access the Restaurant Manager by visiting the link below.
- Log into your account by entering your username, password and 4 digit pin.
- Tap "Menu" on the left hand side next to the fork and knife icon.
- Select "Categories" from the horizontal options at the top of the page, then tap "+ New Category".
- Name your Category, set the desired menu for the Category to appear in, and tap Save.
NOTE FOR POS USERS: If your POS is integrated with your Uber Eats menu, you should not submit menu changes using the Menu Maker. If you want to make temporary edits, change your menu directly from your POS system. For permanent menu changes, reach out to your POS provider with any questions.
Adding items (choose items wisely, remember that children eat smaller portions):
- Tap "Menu" in the left menu bar.
- Select the "Items" tab and choose "+ New Item".
- Make sure to include "Kids Menu" in the category section.

Things to remember:
- When creating items for your Kids Menu, remember that the smaller portion size results in a smaller price.
- Kids are picky eaters, so stay within the theme of the cuisine, allow customization, and offer healthy options.
- Kids menus should be created in their own section after the main entrees but before sides/desserts/beverages.

To learn more about building and editing your Uber Eats menu, please visit the link below: