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How can I view my performance data?

You can view your performance date through the Uber Eats Restaurant Manager.

1. Sign into the Uber Eats Restaurant Manager (link below)
2. In the Home tab, you can access the following data categories:

- Sales - your store's total food sales, inclusive of food sales tax. Customers see this as the "subtotal" when ordering. It doesn't include the delivery or service fee Uber charges customers.
- Order Volume - the number of orders your restaurant completed. Cancelled or undelivered orders are included if you received payment for them.
- Ticket Size - the average total sales per order your restaurant received, including food and sales tax.
- Inaccurate Orders - orders that customers indicate had missing or incorrect items. Your restaurant was charged for the inaccuracy to refund customers.
- Downtime - how long your restaurant was unavailable during your menu hours.
- Top Selling Items - the most popular items customers order from your restaurant.
- Menu Item Feedback - average, lowest, and highest rated items.