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Not accepting orders on iPad

If your app is not accepting orders, the most likely cause is that the app is logged on at a time that is not within your typical operating hours with Uber Eats.

1. Double check you are logged in within restaurant's operating hours
2. If you are, reboot the iPad by holding down the circular home button and the side power button at the same time for five seconds. Then reconnect to the wifi and log back into the Uber Eats App with your username and password..

The Restaurant Dashboard may also automatically pause incoming orders. This can happen for two reasons:
- Multiple orders in a row that go unaccepted
- Your acceptance time is longer than usual, resulting in customers canceling orders
- If you are unable to accept orders after checking your menu hours and rebooting your iPad, please contact support at restaurants@uber.com

For more on this, or to check if your currently paused, see the article below:
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To contact support, visit the link below.