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Restaurant Manager marketing tool FAQs

QUESTION: How do I start creating promotions?

Log in to your Restaurant Manager to start creating promos. For steps on creating and managing your promos, see article:

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QUESTION: Where can I see all my restaurant's promotions?

1. Open Restaurant Manager
2. From the left sidebar, select "MARKETING"

In the "ALL CAMPAIGNS" view you can see past, current, or future promotions. You can also:
- Edit or delete scheduled promotions
- Clone past promotions to repeat in the future

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QUESTION: How do promotions affect my marketplace fee?

Your marketplace fee applies to the post-discounted order amount. Your restaurant will pay NO additional fees to Uber Eats for a promotion or redemption. The only additional cost to your business is the discount of goods.

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QUESTION: Can I stop a promotion at anytime?

Yes, you can pause or cancel a promotion at anytime. For steps on how to do this, see article:
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QUESTION: Can I see how my restaurant's promotion applied in a customer's order?

Yes, you can see this through Restaurant Manager or in your restaurant's weekly payment statement by following these steps:

1. Open Restaurant Manager
2. From the sidebar, select "PAYMENTS"
3. Choose a past order
4. Find the row "SPECIAL OFFER". This shows how the promo applied for that order.

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QUESTION: Can I decide who sees my promotion?

You can decide to make your promo visible to the following customer types:
- All customers in your delivery zone
- New customers that haven't ordered from your restaurant

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QUESTION: How is a recommended budget calculated?

The recommended budget is calculated based on your average sales and demand boost expected during a promotion period.

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QUESTION: When will my promotion end?

Your promotion will end when:
- It reaches your selected end date
- It hits your selected budget

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QUESTION: What does each performance metric mean?

- Redemptions = number of completed orders that had a promo applied to it
- New customer = total number of new customers that redeemed your promo for that campaign
- Amount spent = total amount that you paid for this promo
- Total sales = total gross sales generated during the promo period

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QUESTION: Why do the Terms & Conditions appear to multiple users on my account?

Terms & Conditions appear whenever a new user creates their first promotion. If a restaurant account has multiple users associated with it, the Terms & Conditions appear everytime a new user creates their first promo.

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QUESTION: Where can I see the Terms & Conditions?

To see the Terms & Conditions, follow the link below and select your region from the drop-down.
If your issue isn't answered, you can contact us at the link below.