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View and download payment statements and details

The Restaurant Manager tool lets you easily view and download your current and previous payment statements.

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1. Log in to your Restaurant Manager account
2. Find the "PAYMENTS" tab
3. From the "EARNINGS" tab within Payments, the details of your most current weekly pay period appears by default
4. A summary of the pay period by week and day appears at the top of the page

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1. Follow the steps above
2. Select the "PAY PERIOD" date field
3. Select a new pay period date range (automatically set by week)

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1. Select the green Download CSV button
2. Select from one of three options in the dropdown:
- Daily Summary - An aggregate summary of your sales, taxes and payout for each day of the week
- Weekly Summary - High-level payment information about each order from the week
- Payment Details - A custom report containing detailed financial information about each order, including sales, taxes, and service fees associated with each order
- Choose a date range (up to 31 days) and the email address where the report will be sent
3. Open the CSV file to view the statement details

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You can get all your restaurant's financial information in this comprehensive report, containing a detailed breakdown of all sales, payment, and tax information associated with each order. The columns in the CSV file are defined as follows:

ORDER ID: Order ID as per restaurant manager

STORE ID: Store name as per restaurant manager

ORDER DATE / REFUND DATE: Local date the order was placed, or local date of the order placed for which there is a refund

ORDER ACCEPT TIME: Local timestamp for when order was accepted by the restaurant

FOOD SALES (excl VAT): Total food sales excluding VAT (includes product + non-product sales)

ADJUSTMENTS (excl VAT): Total adjustments (excluding VAT)

VAT ON ADJUSTMENTS: VAT on adjustments

ORDER CORRECTION: Total of order corrections (excluding VAT)

ORDER CORRECTION TAX: VAT on order corrections

DELIVERY FEE (excl VAT): Delivery fee (excluding VAT)

VAT ON DELIVERY FEE: VAT on delivery fee

DELIVERY FEE (incl VAT): Delivery fee (including VAT)

TOTAL ORDER (incl VAT): Total sales + delivery fee (including VAT)

COST OF DELIVERY (excl VAT): Cost of delivery (i.e. courier fare) (excluding VAT)

VAT ON COST OF DELIVERY: VAT on courier fare (where applicable)

COST OF DELIVERY (incl VAT): Cost of delivery (i.e. courier fare) (including VAT)

UBER SERVICE FEES BEFORE DISCOUNT (excl VAT): Uber's service fee (sometimes referred to as 'marketplace fee') before discounts are applied

SERVICE FEE DISCOUNT (excl VAT): Discount applied to Uber's service fee. Occurs when cost of delivery is greater than the delivery fee.

TOTAL UBER SERVICE FEE (excl VAT): Uber's net service fee, after the service fee discount is applied

VAT ON UBER SERVICE FEES: Applicable in countries where we charge local VAT. VAT on Uber's service fee.

TOTAL UBER SERVICE FEE (incl VAT): Uber's service fee, after the service fee discount is applied, including VAT (applicable in Netherlands)

MISC. PAYMENTS (incl VAT): All miscellaneous payments

VAT ADJUSTMENT: Tax on delivery fee - tax on cost of delivery

PROFIT ON DELIVERY: Where delivery fee is greater than cost of delivery, this is equal to (delivery fee-cost of delivery)

NET PAYOUT: Total payout associated with this order (negative if associated with a refund)

PAYOUT DATE: Date payout initiated from Uber side (generally the Tuesday following the prior week)

ORDER STATUS: Either: Completed (eater received food), Cancelled (order cancelled by Eater or support), Refund (eater was refunded for order), or Failed (order was not able to be completed)