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What if I run out of an item?

If an order is in progress and you run out of an item, please contact the customer to see if they'd like a substitution or to simply remove that item from their order.

If the customer chooses to remove the item from their order, you can prepare a partial order, or cancel the order altogether.

To contact the customer:
1. Tap the order
2. Select "Help"
3. Select "Contact the customer"

To make the item temporarily unavailable:
1. In your Restaurant Dashboard, select the menu icon in the top left corner
2. Select "Menu Availability"
3. Search for the item that you'd like to suspend and tap on the "Available" text
4. Select "Unavailable today" or "Unavailable indefinitely"

- If you mark an item as "Unavailable today", it will be hidden from customers until the following day.
- If you select "Unavailable indefinitely", it will remain unavailable until you change it to "Available".

For more on adjusting or cancelling an order, follow the links below: