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Creating ride policies

Uber for Business includes features that let you set policies about when and where your employees can ride. Ride policies apply to all employees on your account. You also have the ability to enable multiple policies on your account at any given time.

When you set or update your policies, Uber only allows your employees to select your company account as a payment method for qualifying trip fares. To make changes, sign in to your Uber for Business dashboard and select the Policies tab from the menu.

By default, your company ride policy is set to “Any Location” and “Any Time”. These settings allow your employees to use your company account for any trip fare.

Limiting location restricts where employees can request pickup. All trips must be requested within 0.25 miles of the designated address.

Limiting time restricts when (days and times) employees can request trips, based on the local time zone where an employee requests a ride.

If employees request rides outside these policies, we require them to switch their payment method before requesting the ride.