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How to book your Uber Copter

1. What identification do I need to bring?

Each passenger must present valid identification (a government-issued ID) at the heliport. Failure to do so will result in the inability to fly.

2. Can I book Uber Copter for a guest?

The trip must be booked by the eligible account owner. If an eligible rider books a seat for a guest, the guest rider must be accompanied by and on the same flight as the eligible rider that booked.

3. How much luggage is allowed on the aircraft?

You are permitted to bring one piece of luggage and one personal item aboard Uber Copter

Baggage must not exceed the standard air carrier luggage size of 62 inches (157 centimeters) in total length, height, and width, and it should weight 50 pounds or less.

Personal items can include a purse, a friendcase, or a laptop bag (or comparable).

Any additional luggage or luggage that does not meet these requirements may not be allowed onboard the helicopter or lead to changes in the flight schedule.

Please note that the following items may not be carried onboard the aircraft: Firearms, weapons, lithium batteries (including "smart bags" with non-removable lithium batteries), explosives, aerosol cans, flammables, oxidizers, toxins, radioactive materials, corrosives, e-cigarettes, hazardous materials, and any item included on the Federal TSA Prohibited Item List. Smoking is prohibited in any form while onboard the aircraft.

4. Can I bring my pet?

Dogs and cats under 20 lbs and placed in a carrier are permitted on flights.

Service animals are permitted on the helicopter regardless of weight. Please note that Uber's policies on pets apply for the Uber ride portion of your trip as well. You can find more information by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page and reviewing our guidelines for Riding with Pets.

5. Why is weight and balance so important?

Safety is one of our top priorities. As such, it is necessary to assess passenger and luggage weight to determine an ideal balance on the aircraft. Passenger and luggage weight will be measured at check-in.

In rare instances, you may be bumped to another flight in order to balance the weight distribution of the helicopter. Our teams will assist you in these cases with additional information.

6. How are the seats assigned?

Please keep in mind that seats are assigned based on weight balance by the aircraft operator to help ensure proper balance of the helicopter. This is a necessary safety measure, and we ask that you stay in your assigned seat.