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How to improve your delivery ratings

Below we have listed feedback collected in the Uber Eats app from customers and restaurants. When a customer or restaurant gives a high or low rating in the app, we ask them what made the experience positive or negative. We have made these insights available to you below along with helpful features in the app:
- Restaurants and customers have said they provided negative ratings when delivery people were unprofessional. Our Community Guidelines require all users to treat each other with respect.
- The app will list any of the customer's specific delivery notes. These notes are left by the customer to give you important information for the dropoff.
- The app will list any specific pickup instructions provided by restaurants. These notes are left by the restaurant to provide relevant information on how and where to pick up the order.
- The app will list the restaurant order number for most orders, customer name and the order details for most orders
- Restaurants are responsible for confirming the contents of the order. As stated in our Community Guidelines, please deliver orders safely and in accordance with relevant safety standards. For example, don't tamper with or open packaging during delivery. This can lead to foreign matter in food, which may pose a significant food safety risk for customers.
- You can communicate with customers and restaurants in the Driver app, via the messaging or calling functionality. Customers appreciate staying informed when there is an update or delay to their delivery.
- You can also contact Uber Eats Support in your app if there is ever an issue with the order and we'll try to help you get it resolved.
If you are confused about why your rating might be lowering, you can find detailed feedback from customers and restaurants in the Ratings section of your app by following the steps below:

1. Tap the profile photo in the upper right hand corner of the app
2. Select "Profile" from the top menu
3. Tap the rating under your name on the Profile tab
4. Read more specific feedback from restaurants and customers.

If you still have questions, we have additional tips and resources on our website:
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