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How to request a ride with TalkBack

On the bottom of the home screen, double tap on the WHERE TO? button. This will activate destination search where you can search or select from a list of suggested destinations. Additionally, Uber may suggest frequently visited destination locations which appear along the bottom of the home screen. Double tap on any of these to select it as your destination, then proceed to the confirmation screen.

Pickup location will be set automatically using GPS, but if you wish to change it please follow these instructions:
1. On the home screen, double tap the "WHERE TO?" button
2. Before choosing your destination, swipe left to highlight the "PICKUP LOCATION" field and double tap to edit
NOTE: The pickup and destination fields are next to one another. While typing you may have to swipe again to get to the search result list.
3. The app will automatically switch you back over to destination entry mode after you enter your pickup location

From the request screen, swipe to a vehicle type such as UberX and double tap to select it. Double tap again to display fare information, maximum number of passengers, and the ETA at the bottom of the screen. You can do a two finger swipe left and right to choose from other available products like UberPool, UberXL etc. depending on which city you are in.

Once you've entered your pickup location:
Check that the pickup details and the payment method are correct. You can double tap on the payment method if you wish to change it
Double tap the "REQUEST" button to request your ride.